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Reporting Diseases and Conditions

点击 在这里 for the list of reportable diseases and conditions in Illinois. The Winnebago County Health Department depends on these disease reports to help protect the public’s health and to help provide guidance to those impacted by the disease or condition.

Immediately reportable disease must be reported as soon as possible and no longer than 3 hours. Some diseases or conditions are notifiable within 24 hours. All other reportable diseases and conditions must be reported within 7 days.

To report a disease or condition, call the Winnebago County Health Department at 815-720-4050.

Disease reporting is an essential component in keeping our community healthy. 报告 can be completed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (815)720-4050. Disease reports may also be faxed to our confidential fax line at (815) 962-5161.


The Winnebago County Health Department works to protect the health of all Winnebago County residents and visitors. WCHD monitors for public health concerns through surveillance and investigation. Health Alert are the way WCHD notifies our healthcare community and partners of time-sensitive public health concerns.

健康警报 posted to this page are written for healthcare providers and not intended to be for the general public.


点击 在这里 for previous health alerts.

Current Health Concerns

点击这里 for the list of current health concerns in Winnebago County and individual pages with information on prevention, 干预措施, 疫苗接种, and treatment regarding those concerns.

Data & 报告

WCHD monitors and reports on a disease and conditions that could impact the public’s health. 点击这里 查看数据 & charts page for information on current surveillance and trends.

Guidance For Healthcare Providers


PPE Donning and Doffing Guidance